Acne services offered in Boca Raton, FL

When you have acne, you want skilled, professional care to achieve clear skin and minimize complications like scarring. At Integrated Dermatology of East Boca in Boca Raton, Florida, double board-certified dermatologist Alecia Folkes DO, FAAD, FAOCD, provides expert acne care for blackheads, whiteheads, pimples, and pustules as well as oily skin. Call today to receive the care you need for acne, or use this website to schedule your appointment online.

How does acne develop?

Acne usually has a genetic link, so if people in your family have or had acne, it’s more likely you will too. 

Acne also affects people with a large number of oil glands. These oil glands produce oil that makes your skin feel soft, but when your body overproduces the oil, it gets trapped in your pores. Acne occurs when the trapped oil combines with bacteria and dead skin cells. 

Hormonal changes can also contribute to acne outbreaks, specifically in the teenage years and in adult women in their 30s and 40s. 

Acne commonly shows up on the face, back, and upper chest. 

What are the signs of acne?

Acne is more than just the occasional pimple. Acne consists of breakouts of one or more of these types of lesions: 

  • Whiteheads (tiny bumps that are flesh-colored or white)
  • Blackheads (dark bumps on the skin made up of oil and cells)
  • Pimples (small skin bumps that may contain pus)
  • Nodules or cysts (closed pockets underneath the skin that contain fluid or semisolid substances)

Acne sometimes shows up as inflamed hair follicles, a condition known as folliculitis. Small bumps develop around hair follicles. 

How is acne treated?

Dr. Folkes takes the time to individualize your acne treatment. Finding exactly what works for you may require some effort and trial and error. 

At Integrated Dermatology of East Boca, your treatment plan may include:

Benzoyl Peroxide

This topical ointment targets the bacterial agent that causes severe acne.


Dr. Folkes may prescribe oral or topical antibiotics to help reduce inflammation caused by acne.

Hormonal treatments 

Because high hormone levels are associated with acne, treatments to balance levels can help ease acne symptoms. 


Tretinoin is a topical form of vitamin A that can reduce the appearance of acne.


Isotretinoin is an orally administered drug that treats people with severe acne. Sold as Accutane®, the medication dries out your skin to help get rid of oil on the skin that causes pimples.

If you have acne, contact Integrated Dermatology of East Boca to get it under control. Call today or use this website to set up an appointment.