Warts services offered in Boca Raton, FL

Warts can be embarrassing and uncomfortable, so, understandably, you want them removed. At Integrated Dermatology of East Boca in Boca Raton, Florida, double-board certified dermatologist Alecia Folkes DO, FAAD, FAOCD, removes these skin growths to give you smooth skin and the confidence that comes with it. Call today or use this website to schedule an appointment online to have your warts evaluated and removed.

What are warts?

Warts are common and usually not of medical concern. A strain of HPV, the human papillomavirus, causes the growths. Warts often show up on the:

  • Fingers and hands
  • Feet and toes
  • Genitals
  • Places you shave

Warts often go away on their own, but they can also increase in size or spread to other areas of your body. 

How do I know I have a wart?

Warts vary in appearance. Depending on the type or location, they may look like:

  • Rough bumps
  • Grainy, fleshy bumps
  • White, tan, pink, or flesh-colored bumps
  • Raised bumps full of tiny dots

Filiform warts look like long threads. Warts may be white, flesh-colored, pink, or tan. 

Why did I develop warts?

Warts spread through person-to-person contact. You can also develop a wart after coming in contact with an object infected with HPV, like a towel or pool deck surface. You can spread warts to other parts of your body by scratching or picking at them. 

Warts are more likely to develop in people with compromised or weak immune systems. 

How can I avoid getting warts?

Reduce your risk of developing warts by:

  • Having visible warts removed
  • Avoiding walking in public showers or other wet areas barefoot
  • Not sharing shoes, socks, or towels
  • Not picking or scratching your existing warts

Warts are harmless, but they can hurt if they rub against clothing or experience pressure. They’re also unattractive. 

How do you treat warts?

Dr. Folkes customizes your wart treatment depending on the type, location, and size. The most common treatments include:


Cryotherapy, or freezing, involves applying liquid nitrogen to the wart. This destroys the growth, so it falls off after about a week. You may require more than one treatment.

Salicylic acid

Dr. Folkes may prescribe a topical wart medication containing a high concentration of salicylic acid. The acid removes warts layers at a time. When salicylic acid doesn’t work, Dr. Folkes may shave off the top of the wart and then apply stronger trichloroacetic acid.


Dr. Folkes numbs the treatment area and cuts the wart away so it doesn’t return. This procedure can sometimes leave a small scar.

Laser treatment

Laser treatments can block off the blood vessels that supply warts so the tissue dies and the wart falls off.

If you need treatment for warts, call Integrated Dermatology of East Boca or use this website to request your appointment online today.